Our benchmark reports, white papers and infographics give insightful data and expert opinions to help you to understand and compare trends, and to plan for the future.

Safety in Numbers

Our Safety in Numbers infographic looks at a snapshot of traveller risk and security with help from global emergency specialist, International SOS.
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Tips to take the stress out of business travel

It’s easy for busy travellers to forget how big a toll travel can take on the body and mind. But it needn’t be a feat of endurance. Mark Stevens, Account Manager, explains how to get to your destination stress free and ready to do business.

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Take 10 Cities

October 2016

Our Take 10 Cities infographic gives a snapshot of what it really costs to stay, meet and travel and travel in the ten most popular UK destinations. 

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Tips to maximise your time on the move

Long journeys and hanging around airports and stations can be frustrating for business travellers, but waiting time needn't be wasted time. Our expert, Emma Smith, shares her top ten tips to maximise your time on the move.

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Tips to secure meetings and events ROI

If a meeting or event doesn't provoke real, tangible change, you might be wasting the time of everyone involved. Director of Events, Kim Collins shares some useful tips for ensuring a return on investment.

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Five best ways to maximise your event impact

Organising a memorable event or conference needn't be a hassle - and it doesn't have to break the bank. Events expert, Beckie Hyson reveals how...

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Tips to keep your data safe

No business is completely immune to online attacks, security breaches or simple theft. Head of Information Security, George Hazell shares his nine useful tips on keeping your data safe...

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Hotel Corporate Benchmarking report - 2016 Quarter 1

July 2016

Compiled by Capita Travel and Events, the Hotel Corporate Benchmarking report provides insight on accommodation market performance in line with industry forecasts and highlights the hot topics and key considerations for travel buyers.

On the move

July 2016

Our On the Move infographic looks at a snapshot of our air, rail and ground transportation booking trends, including year on year average ticket prices; comparisons between hire car vs private mileage, and managed taxis vs black cabs; and a comparison between low cost air carriers vs scheduled airlines.


Meeting Points

February 2016

Our Meeting Points infographic booking ltrends, looks at a snapshot of UK meeting booking trends, including the average day delegate rate per sector, how the much average meetings cost on different days of the week, and some of the add-ons we negotiated in 2015.


Meetings in travel. Changing the mindset

January 2016

Meetings spend is on the rise. British companies spent £2 billion more in 2014 than 2013 on face-to-face and virtual meetings. Converging travel and meetings management is nothing new, but what would the benefits be and for some companies what is stopping them from taking this approach?

Our new whitepaper explores what’s happening in the market and the benefits and considerations for those considering consolidation.

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Local vs Global

December 2015

Our Local vs Global infographic looks at a snapshot of accommodation trends, including our customers' top UK and overseas locations from 2015, and a comparison of the cost of hotel add-ons such as wifi and parking.


July 2015

Sustainability has long been a buzzword in the business travel industry – but how much does it really matter to the average business traveller? Leigh Cowlishaw, Director of Supplier Partnerships and Chair of the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability committee at the HBAA shares her insights into the growing interest in sustainability. Read our top tips for an expert sustainability strategy.

A snapshot of rail figures and trends

July 2015

Our rail figures and trends infographic looks at key UK rail routes from 2014, an analysis of rail in travel policies, and a comparison of air vs rail journeys taking into account cost and C02 emissions.

A snapshot of business event trends

May 2015

Our business event trends infographic shows top event destinations, the average event length and delegate numbers, UK and worldwide dining trends, and popular event services we have provided.

Consulting Services - top tips

March 2015

Following the launch of our consulting services at the Business Travel Show, our directors of consulting services, Sam Welch and Chris Truss share their expert opinions and top tips in best practice across the travel, accommodation and meetings sectors.

New dog, old tricks

February 2015

We've teamed up with Amadeus to produce a report, New Dog, Old Tricks, which looks at whether behavioural change is linked to generational change, whether corporates can change traveller behaviour, and how mavericks should be managed – millennial or otherwise.

An insight into airline strategies

February 2015

Our air benchmark report looks at how advanced purchase has an affect on your airline strategy as well as the contributing factors to airline pricing. We also explore the difference in savings between legacy carriers and low cost carriers.

Meetings at the heart of travel

January 2015

Our meetings benchmark report provides expert commentary on a snapshot of trends from our recent meetings infographic. In the report, we reveal key trends in our UK meetings data, understand the rising trend in booking internal meeting space over external venues, and why we believe average meeting duration remains low.

Road to Wellbeing

January 2015

In our Road to Wellbeing document, you can find out what we're taking to the travel, meetings, events and accommodations market in 2015. With our core values instilled, this paper illustrates our focus on technology, customer expectations in-line with the current marketplace, as well as our unique approach to elegantly disrupt the industry.

Flying figures

February 2015

Our latest infographic takes a snapshot of the global airline industry, analysing average ticket price by day, percentage of journeys made by day, and looking at various route trends booked by customers.

Meetings points

November 2014

Our meetings benchmark infographic examines our UK booking trends, understanding customers booking behaviour and how this has changed over time.

Staying power

July 2014

Our accommodation infographic takes a look at the international accommodation market, focusing on our 10 top locations UK and worldwide with their average rates, highlighting the average change in negotiated rates year on year; and our forecast for 2015 and beyond.

Business and beyond

May 2014

The first of our infographics takes a look at how the UK is travelling by train. We understand the rise in passenger numbers, the changing cost of rail tickets, and how our own customers are travelling, looking at the trends for average lead time and class of travel.