A sustainable and engaging Family Funday for National Grid

International electricity and gas company, National Grid play a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use, whilst remaining innovative with ways to become a greener energy provider. We helped National Grid to organise a Family Funday for their employees to celebrate their green wall conception, as part of their sustainability goal.


National Grid is serious about sustainability. They are committed to preserve resources and respect the interests of communities. They recently designed and built a new car park at their head offices in Warwick, featuring the largest living green wall in Europe.

Aware of our innovative approach to events, National Grid approached us to create a captivating concept for a Family Funday. The event would be an opportunity to bring employees and their families together and celebrate the green wall conception, as part of their sustainability goal.

The challenge

We needed to provide a concept for the anticipated attendance of 1,000 people with a wide variety of family demographics. Promoting the living wall car park needed to be the main focus, with activities designed to compliment the concept.

The event was to be held at National Grid's head office, which is a working site including at weekends. Therefore, activities needed to work around a busy office with minimum disruption for workers and an intuitive security plan in place.

Aside from producing an imaginative set of activities, we were asked to consider:

  • event material and brand identity
  • website design and delegate management
  • health and safety and first aid requirements
  • event management.

Our solution

With sustainability at the forefront of our minds, we now had to shape the event to captivate attendees, of all ages. Pulling on our years of events experience, we created a brand identity of 'Bee Involved' focusing on bringing people together which linked into the range of nature themed activities on offer.

A key activity allowed all children to paint a canvas, after which all artwork was photographed and displayed in the stairwells of the new car park. 

Activities on the day included:

  • Canvas painting - photos of the canvases would later be displayed
  • Petting zoo and falconry experience
  • Bird/insect house making
  • WASPs rugby skills
  • British Beekeepers Association (and other local associations)
  • Nature watch hunt
  • Go-karting.

By bringing in local associations from the Warwick area and involving the local community, we were able to emphasise National Grids' commitment to sustainability.

The outcome

On arrival, young guests were given a goody bag to aid them with activities throughout the day, and were directed to the friendly team of face painters. Our events team welcomed guests and were on hand throughout the event.

Poor weather conditions were well managed through contingencies outlined in the planning stage of the event. Activities moved inside the car park for shelter, drawing more attention to the car park itself. 

The event was a huge success. At the end of the day, all adventurers checked out at the ‘Bee Involved’ desk where they were provided with certificates and jars of local honey for completing their activities.

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