Smarter Working Programme

Combining relevant data sources to extract valuable and powerful insight to help you transform traditional business travel into smarter working practises.

Using a rich blend of evidence based reporting and data analytics, our programme empowers businesses to practise smarter working.

360-degree view: Putting you in control

By providing a 360-degree view of travel expenditure and its impact on your business, we put you in control, giving you the information you need to have a clear view of the total travel demand within your organisation.

In this day and age, it’s not about how much data an organisation has, it’s about having the capability to piece together and understand masses and often disparate data sources.

Transforming data into knowledge

We extract valuable and actionable insight to challenge existing practises, identify business issues and power strategic decision making.

By aggregating travel data with expense data, finance reporting and other internal and external data sources, we blend together the components to establish the wider impact of travel on business performance:

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Productivity
  • Revenues
  • Employee welfare.

Meaningless to meaningful data

We combine aggregated data analytics with qualitative research programmes to gain powerful insight into the various travel personas which can transform traditional business travel to smarter working practises, by:

Intelligently challenging the need for travel

We analyse the total travel demand and through single trip view, the need for travel can be challenged intelligently, either online through your self booking tool, or via our specialist travel teams.

Optimising your own meeting space

We can reduce the demand and need for travel by optimising your organisation’s own internal meeting space and creating more collaborative solutions.

Understand different travelling personas

By understanding the different travelling personas and their motivation for travel, we can shape effective communication with relevant, timely and appropriate messaging to influence smarter decision making.

Counter-balance travel costs with business revenue optimisation

We help you to cut unnecessary travel expenses that don’t directly contribute to your bottom line.

Implement dynamic travel and events policies

Organisations are constantly evolving, and the reasons for travel can change too. We will work with you to implement dynamic travel, meetings, and event policies which continually reflect the evolving needs of your business and people.

Reduce demand and associated costs

We redesign fundamental business and travel processes to reduce demand and associated costs.

Reduce risk and protect employee welfare

Your most valuable assets are your people. We work with you to help reduce risk and put traveller welfare at the centre of your travel programme.

Eliminate the guesswork and the stress with relevant and appropriate messaging at the right time

Be in the know. You can benefit from real-time alerts pushed to your mobile, letting you know if your train or flight has been delayed or cancelled so you can stay ahead of the game.

Every travel arrangement should be one that benefits your business

Whether it’s customer meetings or corporate functions, your business is faced with travel costs and time consuming planning at the very least.

We extract valuable data to efficiently record, maintain and review your travel overheads so you’re less likely to experience the unexpected, and that every travel arrangement made is beneficial for your business.

Employee welfare is intrinsically linked to company performance; we will help to ensure you have the correct policies and procedures in place so that your employees are safe and well looked after on the move.