Traveller First

Traveller First is a unique programme of added value benefits for business travellers to enhance their travel experience. Encompassing benefits, knowledge and security, Traveller First aims to reduce the stress employees can experience when they’re away from home.

Traveller friction is the wear and tear that business travellers accumulate over time. This can include the impact of business travel on their personal life, loss of sleep, poor eating habits on the road and the backlog of work because they’ve been away from the office.

Data insight indicates that traveller friction impacts on employee turnover, staff satisfaction, employee productivity and performance.

We’ve worked together with leading worldwide, local and national providers to bring travellers a valuable selection of benefits, whether it’s an upgrade to make working on the go much easier, or a free fitness class to help travellers de-stress after a hard day.

And it’s not all about benefits. We’re arming travellers with the knowledge they need before they set off to make sure they’re well prepared for their trip. Extra security measures also help travellers feel safe and secure when they’re on the road.

All these features combine to help alleviate traveller stress and make business travel more satisfying, both for regular road warriors and employees making a one off trip.

The benefits of traveller wellbeing are far reaching, with happier travellers often resulting in a healthier travel programme too. With improved duty of care, reduced trip expenses and recognisable value, organisations will see increases in both compliance and visibility.

  • Putting traveller wellbeing at the heart of your travel programme.
  • Enhancing the business travel experience.
  • Sharing of expert knowledge to help you.
  • We’re there for you when you need us.