Corporate responsibility

As part of Capita plc, we are committed to growing Capita in a transparent and responsible way.

For us, corporate responsibility (CR) means acting responsibly in all that we do and adding value, not only in our commercial activities, but beyond these to support all our stakeholders, including the communities in which we work. Our responsible behaviours underpin our business, enhance our multiple relationships and further motivate our people. The result is a better and more sustainable business.

CR strategy and approach

As part of Capita plc, we focus on four key areas which allow us to secure sustainable growth and achieve our business goal of delivering long-term value, directly and indirectly, to all.

  • Communities and clients: We aim to create lasting value for our clients and wider society through our daily business operations. 
  • Employees: We have a diverse workforce, and we're committed to developing talent and maintaining an environment which empowers and nurtures employee enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Suppliers: We want the goods and services we buy to be provided by suppliers with the highest ethical standards, in line with our responsible sourcing policy.
  • Environment: We take a proactive approach to good environmental management across all our business activities.


We run an active charity support programme.

Each year, employees across Capita nominate a charity to support. Capita’s chosen charity for 2015/6 is the Prince's Trust

Alongside fundraising, our employees help raise awareness of the charities' key messages.

Prevention of modern slavery

As part of Capita plc, we're committed to supporting the elimination of Modern Slavery and fully meet our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Download Capita plc's Prevention of Modern Slavery Policy