Our culture and values

Our personality and behaviour defines who we are.

Our services describe what we do, but it's our culture and values that say how we do it - who we are, and how we work. They influence the way we develop, reward and communicate.

We have over 800 employees working across seven sites. To manage and support our people effectively, our policies focus on equality and diversity, health and safety and our code of ethical conduct.

Clear values

To help us deliver our industry leading service, our employees have created a set of core values which help guide us - they are in the heart of everything we do for our customers and colleagues.

  • We have pride and confidence in the service we provide.
  • We develop and share our expert knowledge.
  • We are creative, adaptable and strive for continuous improvement.
  • We communicate concisely, openly and honestly.
  • We are trusted to use our initiative to make decisions.
  • We support each other to work as one team.

Our behaviours

These are the behaviours that will lead is to success:

  • Collaboration - Working as a single team
  • Curious - Ask 'why'
  • Challenge - Challenge and question in a non-judgemental way
  • Accountable - We own a problem until it's resolved.

Engaging our people

Talking to our people regularly, listening to them, valuing them - this is the key to high productivity and high retention rates.

Recognising and rewarding performance

We pay particular attention to motivating our people to perform at peak by recognising their achievements and rewarding them appropriately.

Everyone's in

We value proactive, self-motivating people with ideas, energy and commitment. And we encourage them by leaving doors open and ensuring every voice is heard.